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Garden Furniture
In stock 
We have a wide range of outdoor furniture for your patio, yard and garden including benches, tables, chairs, folding item, etc.
Group: Garden furniture
Sofa Dea
In stock 
Relax and unwind in one of our luxuriously comfortable sofas.
Group: Sofa, couch
Bar Stool
In stock 
Size : 45x39x106(cm) Cushion with Syntetic Leather.
Group: Bar stools
Chest of drawers
In stock 
Chest of drawers- Perfect For Any Room In Your Home One of the best furnishings around that is both beautiful and practical is achest of drawers, a selection that is perfect for any room throughout your home.
Group: Bureau
Dining table
In stock 
Celebrate your special occasions and entertain guests and relatives with our timeless indoor dining tables.
Group: Dinner table
Dining Set
In stock 
IMA.03.03.057 Dining chair daniel wooden seater Size : 48*50*107 (cm) IMA.02.06.037 Round table slats w/ glass Size : d120*70 (cm)
Group: Furniture for dining room
In stock 
Size : 206*225*110 (cm) Matress Size : 183*203 (cm)
Group: Beds
Coffee Table
In stock 
It's a very simple furniture. And yet, it can do loads of wonders in setting the tone for your lounge. It can definitely add a welcoming touch to the area and makes it a very suitable place to entertain guests and friends alike.
Group: Coffee tables
In stock 
Changing the look of a room is as easy as updating your bedroom dressers . The elegant and modern dresser is a statement in simplicity and beauty.
Group: Dressing tables
Garden Bench
In stock 
ISO. Garden Bench 150 ITGBN 053 Size : 150x45x45 (cm) ISO. Garden Bench 120 ITGBN 053 Size : 120x45x45 (cm)
Group: benches made of natural wood
Rocking Chair
In stock 
There are a lot of things that could bring some comfort to us. But there are only a few things that would be able to bring us a vintage feel of comfort. Only a few things would be able to bring us back to the old days when our mom would rock us to sleep whenever we feel down and low or whenever...
Group: Armchair-rocking chair
Sun Lounger
In stock 
Sturdy and extremly durable, the Sun Lounger goes well beside any pool. Its sturdiness has made it the lounger of choice for many commerical applications!
Group: Chaise lounges
Office Desk
In stock 
Drawer mounted and furnished in a variety of styles, complete your office space with one of our sturdy and life long indoor desks.
Group: Office tables


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